American Council for Polish Culture

ACPC is a national non-profit educational organization that serves as a body of national leadership for Polish American cultural organizations thorughout the United States. Founded in 1948, the Council currently represents approximately 25 affiliated organizations across America. ACPC publishes The Polish Heritage, a quarterly review of Polish cultural subjects.

American Institute of Polish Culture

The American Institute of Polish Culture was founded in 1972 by Lady Blanka A. Rosenstiel. Its mission is to share with all Americans the rich heritage of Poland and to establish a center of educational facilities and resources for the encouragement and promotion of the scientific and aesthetic endeavors of Americans of Polish descent.

American Polish Engineering Association

Establish in 1974, the APEA is an independent organization that serves and represents the Polish American technical community. The APEA brings together engineers and related societies and facilitates communication and networking. In addition to sponsoring events including technical meetings and tours of facilities, the APEA also sponsors university scholarships.

Chopin Foundation of the United States

The Chopin Foundation was founded by Lady Blanka A. Rosenstiel in 1977. The organization stemmed from the First National Chopin Piano Competition held in Miami in 1975 under the auspices of the American Institute of Polish Culture. Its primary mission is to assist young and talented American pianists in developing an international career.

Dobra Polska Szkola

The portal is addressed to Polish parents and teachers, cultural animators, promoters of modern education, all interested in education about Polish culture and language in the USA. The portal is also a platform for exchanging experiences not only for people related to education, but also for Polish-American artists, journalists and Polish-American educational and cultural leaders.

Dziennik Polonijny

A news source with both Polish and English articles reporting on media in Poland, the United States, the World, as well as Sports. Find out more information on Polish events here in the United States by visiting their website at

The Father Jozef Dabrowski Polish School

3535 Commerce Rd, in Adam Cardinal Maida Alumni Library
Orchard Lake, MI 48324

Friends of Polish Art

The Friends of Polish Art was founded in 1937 as an educational and social organization that promotes appreciation and understanding of Polish art and the people of Poland and their culture. The Friends of Polish Art creates and disseminates information, procures Polish art for donation to institutions, and sponsors numerous competitions and awards.

The Kosciuszko Foundation

The Kosciuszko Foundation is dedicated to promoting educational and cultural exchanges between the United States and Poland and to increasing American understanding of Polish culture and history. Founded in 1925, the Foundation is a national not-for-profit, nonpartisan, and nonsectarian organization.

Michigan Seal of Biliteracy

An award given to high school graduates who are proficient in English and another foreign language. It encourages students to embrace their heritage by achieving literacy in another language.

Polish Academy of Sciences

The Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN is the Polish acronym) is a Polish scientific institution with an international network of top scholars and research organizations. PAN is comprised of 79 research departments and its reports, papers and publications are disseminated throughout the world.

Polish American Congress

The Polish American Congress is a national umbrella organization representing more than 10 million Americans of Polish descent and origin and over 3,000 Polish American organizations. PAC is present in every U.S. state and virtually every community in America, including playing important roles on various social, business and economic levels. Click here for a link to the MI division.

Polish American Historical Association

The Polish American Historical Association is an interdisciplinary organization devoted to the study of Polish American history and culture. Founded in 1942, PAHA is an affiliate of the American Historical Association, assisting and cooperating with individuals and organizations interested in Polish American life and history.

Polish Genealogical Society of America

Founded in 1978, the Polish Genealogical Society of America serves as a genealogical research center aiding those with ancestry from within the borders of the old Commonwealth of Poland. It assists members in research by providing numerous resources and an annual workshop. The PGSA is based in Chicago and the broader society has a presence in 10 nations.

Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan

The Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan (“PGSM”) promotes and encourages research in Polish genealogy as well as the preservation of historical materials which aid in the documentation of family histories.  PGSM is dedicated to educating its members and the public in Polish culture, Polish genealogy, and genealogical research methods and techniques.

Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences of America

Founded in 1942, the Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences of America is a non-profit educational organization and a center of learning and information about Poland’s history and culture. Based in New York, PIASA’s primary mission is to objectively inform American society about Poland, its people and the country’s millenial cultural heritage.

Polish Language Center of Ann Arbor

The Polish Language Center of Ann Arbor was founded in 2011 by parents whose dream was for their children to learn Polish. Our primary aim is the study of the Polish language, the history and geography of Poland, and the transmission of Polish traditions and culture. We admit children from age 3 and up, and offer various levels of instruction according to age and linguistic proficiency. We also teach adult learners. The School is independently run and supported by parents.

Polish Museum of America

The Polish Museum of America was founded in 1935 and stands as one of the oldest ethnic museums in the United States. Located in the historical Polish Downtown neighborhood of Chicago, the Museum promotes knowledge of Polish history and the celebration of Polish culture and boasts an impressive and eclectic array of treasures.

Polish National Alliance

The PNA is the largest ethnic fraternal insurance society in the United States. Created in Philadelphia in 1880, PNA has founded a number of publishing and educational institutions including the Polish Library in Chicago and it built the monument of Kosciuszko in Washington D.C. The PNA is headquartered in Chicago.

Polish Roman Catholic Union of America

PRCUA is the oldest Polish American fraternal in America. Since its founding, PRCUA has developed into a dynamic benefit society whose insurance policies rank among the best offered anywhere. PRCUA performs religious, charitable, educational and civic work on behalf of its members and the Polish American Community.

Polish Scouting Association of America

Polish scouting and guiding has a rich tradition in the fight for Polish freedom, playing key roles during the Partition paeriod and both world wars. The Polish Scouting Association was formally founded in 1918 and maintains a presence in numerous countries abroad. The organization is a co-educational organization serving communities across America.

Polish Women’s Alliance of America

The Polish Women’s Alliance of America is a fraternal benefit society founded in 1898 to serve the financial and social needs of the Polish and Polish American communities. The Alliance is dedicated to preserving and fostering Poland’s traditions and cultural identity but membership is available to anyone who holds Polish convictions and embodies this spirit.

Recultured Designs

Recultured Designs is a apparel and accessories line that creates contemporary designs inspired by Polish folklore, history and pop culture. Recultured Designs was founded in May of 2012 in Farmington Hills, Michigan by Alexandra and Barbara Lisiecki.

Seal of Biliteracy po polsku

This provides information about the Seal of Biliteracy and the test (STAMP4S) that was developed to help students improve their knowledge of the Polish language to a particular standard.

The University of Michigan Polish Student Association

A student run organization of University of Michigan–Ann Arbor’s campus. It’s goal is to spread Polish culture on campus by holding events and bring together Polish students.

Wayne State University Polish Club

The Wayne State University Polish Club is a student ran organization with the goal of educating, hosting and spreading Polish culture, language and performing arts to the Metro Detroit area. The club is associated with the Slavic Studies department where students can become educated in Polish language, history, culture and literature.

West Side Detroit Polish American Historical Society

Since 2005, the West Side Detroit Polish American Historical Society has been preserving the Polish American history of Detroit’s west side through commemoration of significant buildings, churches, and individuals; collecting and preserving historical artifacts; and disseminating its work via public programs, films, publications and other media.